18-02-20 Twins: Scott Visits

Tuesday 18th February 2020

Both wake a bit congested today. But that doesn’t stop us from breaking ourvown record for most hours out pushing the double stroller. After saline spray up each nostril (fighting it all the way) and a drop of Neurofen, we set out for the day. Its 10am and we head to Randwick. Babies pass out I notice when Enya is playing so I’ve got her melodious voice on the loop.

But a couple of reasons take us back to the house: a lady is picking up Elektra’s Maxi Cosi car capsule (precisely 12 months of use there) at 11:15 and we’ve a special guest: Scott Mclennan visits us from Bathurst.

Both babies adore him and smile widely. Elektra is all eyes on this friendly stranger as she wakes first. Then Keanu is woken from her joyous screeches. By 12:15 we’re on the pavement again and this time we’ll remain out till 6:30pm when I get home from the beach where I washed out Keanu from a giant poo. He’s 4 kg lighter.