19-09-17 Deal or No Deal

Tuesday 19th September 2017

Kingsley’s after school ritual normally consists of school bus pick-up followed by milk and a play in the park before we head out to the beach to explore the rockpools while I feed him apple and bananas.

Today we switched it up not because of inclement weather or illness, but because Kingsley had to go to the loo immediately.

So upstairs we came all three of us for the deed and meanwhile JiaJia Dora tunes into Deal or No Deal her beloved game show and Kingsley springs into game show junkie mode: sitting by her side and contemplating which box the contestant should choose.

Its now 4:30pm and the sun is blazing outside calling out to me as is the sea. Still Kingsley and his JiaJia are glued to Deal. It will be me, the wicked witch, who will spoil their fun by insisting we go ‘out and play’.

I think I’ll wait till the episode is over…