21-08-17 Daddy Day 2

Monday 21st August 2017

We had to break it to JiaJia Dora that we wouldn’t be traveling today to see her. She was sad and me sadder when she told me that she had woken early to get to the local farmers markets to pick up fresh produce and veges. By the weekend we will be with you in Saronida I promised her. Then Kingsley took over the telephone and they began their chat. Being an expat mum to someone’s grandchild is extremely distressing knowing just how much that grandparent yearns to see the little one. Even our little one anticipates seeing JiaJia, frolicking in sunny Saronida and even returning to preschool in Miss Ioanna’s class.

Erroll very gallantly will send us to Greece this weekend, and he will remain in Dubai to work, until we, the Hartleys, will take our annual trip to the USA come Thanksgiving time. So between now and this weekend, the two boys are making the most of their time together. Today they scootered to the Satwa swings then

Taken at Satwa swings

Taken 14th August 2017

Taken 4th August 2017

Taken 9th June 2017

Taken 21st Nov 2015 in Sydney