02-12-17 CoCo Parrot

Saturday 2nd December 2017

Last Thursday morning, during our first breakfast here at CoCo Key Water Park Resort, Kingsley discovered his innate love for large, walking, brightly coloured fluffy parrots. He even shocked himself with how quickly and violently he threw himself upon this bird.

We didn’t know it at the time but CoCo Parrot, the beloved Resort mascot, is an absolute hit with the kiddies. I’d never seen anything like the sheer joy on Kingsley’s face; he lit up when CoCo hugged him.

Happy for our little guy but not thinking anything more of Kingsley’s attraction to the garish parrot, our Saturday morning at the breakfast café just now was thrown into chaos as kids and adults alike heralded the return of CoCo Parrot; someone spotted him and his ‘minder’ coming round the corner.

Kingsley spat out his hash potatoes (for shame Mummà feeding the kid oily starch at 10am) and raced out the door to greet the giant bird with hugs and for the first time, an insistence I take his photo…