22-11-20 Twins: Visiting Litsa

Sunday 22nd November 2020

Again we find ourselves on Kingsley’s Playdate with Tiana though we all love visiting them and guess what? Its not raining so the party is outside, trampoline use and decorating cupcakes and choc chip cookies which the twins nibble on along with καρπούζι 🍉 by the slice.

Elektra has a meltdown considering she hasn’t napped and yesterday she has napped and already woken by the time we arrive at Litsa’s place today. The solution is simple for the little lady: a bottle of cold milk, lay on the couch, blanket over her legs and watch the magic happen: sleep.

Keanu parties on till 4pm when he can’t cope watching the world go by so passes out in the Quinny after a bottle of milk and a stroll up to Clovelly. Its where I am right now: the bus stop on Clovelly Rd holding his hand as he sleeps deeply. 5:45pm and he’s resting while I contemplate how he’ll get to sleep tonight. Still, I refuse to wake the baby!

Elektra is with Γιαγιά playing at her pink vanity arranging my faux jewellery no double eating grissini dipped in milky coffee.