28-12-19 Kingsley: The Hartley-Gray Christmas at Coogee

Saturday 28th December 2019

Christmas this year goes on and on. Today we’re celebrating with the first cousins from Erroll’s side (and tonight we’ll celebrate with Kingsley’s first cousins from mine). Our tree groans from the weight of pressies most of which are for Kingsley. A punching bag, a go cart, LEGO, new clothes, new undies.

He asks where is the snow, often. We sing Christmas carols and play them in the car. No matter how feral the kids are, playing cheery kiddie melodies soothes them all. Still Kingsley takes it to the edge, never satisfied with his presents, wanting ‘more toys; I want more toys’.

I found myself for the first time in his life, invoking Santa’s guide to gift-giving. He’s smart and sassy and egocentric, and thankfully loves family time.