07-12-20 Twins: The Rocks with Miss Yvette

Monday 7th December 2020

We’re separating the twins today for special bonding time mumma & Elektra, and Γιαγιά with Keanu. Each baby gets to express themselves without the competition and interference from the other. I choose Elektra because she needs sleep earlier in the day and can be trouble for the unsuspecting adult supervisor. And indeed today she sleeps during the day but does so with drama and histrionics. Yes, you are the centre of the universe my darling!

She certainly was the darling of The Rocks where we hung out for the day. Then to make a mother proud she falls asleep for an hour and a half. Just laying in the Quinny comfortable on the foam. Yvette notes her purple & white rose bodice ballerina dress chosen by Elektra!