13-12-17 Scooter in the City

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Darling in London, hi!

Linus and I took ourselves across SZR for a play at the basketball courts. As we were making our way there he yells (always hollering, isn’t he) that “Ba-Bāh always takes me to the parko near the basketball. ..OVER THERE!!” Then he points to the direction we must go. Takes me by the hand and we head to the pedestrian crossing.

Once crossed at the lights he scooters, dumps his wheels and wants to be pushed on the swing. ‘Not this way, mummà; the other way so I can watch the basketball.’

Next up he attempted to play with a neurotic aggressive unbalanced Indian boy age 6 or so who couldn’t handle himself or his emotions or Kingsley’s overtures to play together. Eghhhh. But I didn’t get upset or angry; I helped the unhinged boy as well as overly keen Kingsley to come to an understanding that both are just kids and their aim is obviously to enjoy playing; and importantly that its not a competition; that play is good and fun.

You see I figured an intervention was necessary after these two boys got into a slapping/pushing/knocking argument on the top of the climbing apparatus. Both sets of parents jumped up to save the boys however I refrained from saying a word; allowing Kingsley’s lovely playful innocent nature to shine (while the other boy’s twitching, fuming and ongoing accusations spoke for themselves). All Kingsley said at this stage to the mum and boy was ‘ I like to play together, with you’, turning to the boy.

Well after these two got into fist fight a wee while later and chased one another around the park for would potentially be a rumble, I led the charge to demonstrate to them how to actually play nice. So I had them march in tune with my sing-song to the climbing wall apparatus; up and down the spiral slide they went as I cheered thrm on. It took some goes and they made a mateship out of it. Later they sat cross-legged on the sand to build then smash sand castles and no eyes were gouged nor feelings hurt. What normal play looks like.

Finally a happy conclusion at the playground for both children.