19-09-18 Aęgina

Wednesday 19th September 2018

Day three on Athens while Linus gets the royal treatment at Camp JiaJia. We call every morning and receive the same assurances – that Δωρόθεος is angelic, listens, is a pleasure, sleeps early, wakes on time, eats his breakfast and is only demanding in one aspect: that he asks for constant cuddles.

Satisfied once again Erroll and I settle in for another umscripted day as a couple.

Aěgina – you beautiful island. We’re coming for you today on an impromptu visit while Linus gets spoilt by his JiaJia Dora in Saronītha for the third day this week.

So Erroll and I wake again spooning by ourselves in the bed with no Ninii between us and we think ‘what shall we do today?’ I knew straight away – to sail away on a Greek island for the day, just the two of us. And that’s what we did!

Straight line from Victoria Station to Pireaus, head down to the wharves, hit up ‘Hellenic Seaways’ for two tickets to ‘the closest islands leaving the soonest’. And sure enough, the Fast Cat had us on the island precisely 50 minutes from this very conversation.