18-04-17 Easter Tuesday

Tuesday 18th April 2017

I am suffering major abdominal bloating at the moment. My usually loose black & white H&M pants are becoming tight around my stomach and thoughts stray from the pleasant ‘ooh how exciting; symptoms of pregnancy!’ to the gloomy ‘is this due to the very obvious overeating I’m doing?’ or worst case my deranged mind conjures: ‘all these pills I’m swallowing (7 per day!) are causing my body to dismorph…and all for nothing.’

My self-inflicted lunacy abates only when we’re in the great outdoors or even merely wandering round the village does the trick of diverting this pathological mind. Like we did today: four hours of hills, parks, nature, church, school yards and kicking the ball around.

Graffiti at the local primary school