Greece ’17: Friends Made


At the age of 3 years 4/5 months Kingsley’s character lends itself to easy sociability and longing for companionship. Everywhere we go he seeks out little people to chat and play with. He is more often than not successful in attracting kids ready to rumble though their usually skittish parents aren’t into rough house. Soon enough Kingsley has learned that there is all kinds of play and there is merit in acquiescing to how the other party prefers to play. That is, our boy is improving his mind and understanding with every exposure to other children. A civil, well mannered, sweet tempered boy is the aim.


First ever social football match Kingsley was invited to play in


Church mice

Fishing with Markel

Collection berries with Maximus

Making mates with like-minded crazies

At Vărkiza

With mum of 4 Nymphadöra from the island of Poros