15-08-20 Twins: Visiting the Caristo

Saturday 15th August 2020

With Γιαγιά at church for the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Dekapentavgoustos), Kingsley accompanied by Erroll to tennis I wasn’t going to be stuck in doors with the twins so out we go to watch Linus hit the red ball. And I notice he does so with great enthusiasm and skill so decide to register our champ into his very first tennis competitions; two of them! 30th August and 20th September. Meanwhile the babies are hyped up to watch Kingsley hit balls so don’t sleep but a good long walk up to Randwick puts Elektra into a deep sleep quickly. Keanu as usual fights it! Won’t even settle without holding my hand or putting my hand up over his face.

They’re both hungry by the time we hit the shops. Keanu munching on a banana (Kingsley to this day won’t readily eat one by himself) then both wanting yoghurts. I have huge dents in my wallet due to squeezie yoghurt purchases on the daily. Current favourites are greek plain, strawberry, mango and all time taste sensation vanilla bean.

Breakfast today is eggs and Kalamata olives. They lap it up while sitting on Kingsley’s bed as we play with Pokemon cards. Today the 3 kids ate half a dozen eggs.

By arvo we’re visiting the Caristos: Julia John Luca and the fiercely fit Alana whom the babies are drawn to, jump readily on the trampoline and hand feed popcorn and Byron Bay chocolate cookies.