Kingsley: Layla & Maya

Saturday 11th February 2017

When Kingsley is not pushing over the girls, or when Layla is not taking Kingsley’s ball, or when Maya is not squirming away from an overly affectionate Kingsley, these three get along brilliantly. They call each other’s names enthusiastically; they look out for each other’s presence if one has disappeared/run away; they share their snacks with one another generously.

Today the three friends met for a long, exhaustive play date at Safa park. Kingsley brought a ball; the girls brought their feisty natures. Perfect combo for a riot of a time in the sand. A few instances of insufferable behaviour meant I smacked Kingsley on the bum (and quite hard I must say). He inexplicably pushed his friends to the ground a number of times; other times he would not allow the girls to hold ‘his’ ball and didn’t the entire park hear his woes!!

Mostly Kingsley is cheeky and very charming and even won over Miss Camilla with his desire to cuddle her and kiss her mouth. (She did offer him his favourite Japanese crackers for an afternoon snack; much more delicious than my dull old peeled apple). He loves his “Layla” and “Wyzie” and as we were exiting the park late in the afternoon, he did something unheard of: gave up his seat for a tired Layla to ride in all the way to their car. Yes: Kingsley offered Layla to sit in his pram while he made jokes with the two girls and ran align side of us to the exit.