05-06-18 Stuck at Γαλάζια Ακτή

Thursday 5th July 2018

Today I’m in Athens visiting a doctor and meeting mumma Dora and a real estate agent in order to begin selling her assets. Gloriously hot and would be my ideal temperature however I’m nauseous and clammy, and I can’t bear stenches. I nearly gagged when a hobo sat opposite me on the bus *smelt of yesterday’s poo. And at a busstop on Λεωφόρο Αλεξάνδρας I asked a smoking man to move away from me as I was about to spew. * He shuffled away pronto; I must’ve looked awful.

By 5pm I’m at your preschool and we slowly make our way to the bus, my confidence high that we won’t miss it considering the 122 arrives every 20 minutes during summer. Well, wasn’t I mistaken. Today three busses pass us all ‘not in service’. We are stuck at Γαλάζια Ακτή for 90 minutes. We are both delirious from heatstroke.

My only saving grace is that you darling son are obsessed with finding shells lately so you head down to the sand and find two very sweet bivalves for our collection. And so your time was well spent while I hung about the bus stop hoping that the next bus will actually deliver us home.

Meanwhile its your cousin Pete’s birthday. 28 today and on the other side of the world is celebrating by roasting kangaroo tail with the fellas in Alice Springs.