15-06-17 Meltdown

Wednesday 15th June 2017

Neither Kingsley or I had ever witnessed Ruth in meltdown mode. Today it happened on our way to the Dusit Thani playground. We’d just enjoyed a picnic of grissini and water at the Emirates Grand hotel outdoor seating, yet another London Dairy vanilla ice cream outside Delma corner store, saw Erroll off to the gym, and agreeing with Ruth’s suggestion of trying out the Dusit playground we all merrily head in that direction via a big rocky/sandy plot not yet developed.

Well at first Ruth complained that something had gotten into her shoe (sparkly Croc). Then she wanted shoes off, then walked a wee while over the hot rocks…and then the inconsolable crying started.

Turned into a full blown meltdown with snot and tears, gagging and while at Dusit what every kid can somehow muster – a hysterical meltdown vomit.

Only a small, non-food involving vomit but one nonetheless. It startled me and caused Kingsley to console Ruth but she was having none of it: no hand-holding or hugging and most certainly no playing together on the horsey ride.

At one point my fat arse causes Kingsley to fall off the see-saw, he faux cries and this sets Ruth off even more. I decide an intervention is called for so bending down I cuddle Ruth who sobs and tells me she’s so tired and wants to go home. Home we go much to Kingsley’s dismay but he bounces along thinking we’re now off on another adventure…possibly to play at Ruth’s place, bless him!

Later that evening Fran explained what happened: Ruth was tired because Ms Elise would not let her nap in her butterfly wings lest they get crushed/the metal wiring cause an injury, so she cried and didn’t get to sleep at nursery. Of course; the butterfly wings!