09-12-17 Birthday Party

Saturday 9th December 2017

The little man had his favourite friends over for a party today! Our neighbour Ayaan of course was invited as these two rogues have spent days playing at each other’s apartments over the years. Camilla and Adam brought their girls Maya & Layla (both of whom consider and actually call Kingsley their ‘brother’). Then we had Min & Aman’s gorgeous Haarleen whom we consider family too; her wee brother Amraat came and boobed all afternoon long. Baby Ruth and her bro James came to party hard. Ruth & Kingsley were besties at Hummingbird Nursery and as of today have attended three birthdays – one for James, one for Ruth and this one for Kingsley. Rio & Adam brought baby Kai who loved the attention the older kids give him…plus Kai likes to sing out loud while the others play musical instruments. Finally the little destructor Toobys came! Byron and Harrison with their mumma Kate.

The party offerings: Heineken beers on ice; vodka pine mint & lime cocktails and a 2016 Pinot Grigio from the Western Cape of South Africa called ‘Barefoot’. Food was all about the carbs; Carbs for Kids. We had home made french fries; two types of thin crust pizza; then mac & cheese in polka dot cups. Cake was magnificent. A multicoloured rainbow cake of impressive quality from Hummingbird was a deeply moving gesture from daddy Erroll.

Games played: pass the parcel; its a rat race; gone fishing; musical instruments band time. Before the party started I created in our second bedroom a play station area where every few steps a new toy/game/board/book/puzzle was on offer. We had cash register; chalk board; kitchen; rocket puzzle; Hungry Hippo game; Bob the Builder tool box; cars, fluffy toys, stacking cups, you name it.  Daddy Erroll did a fine job in the main loungeroom launching ‘rocket balloons’ to the kids’ delight.

Kingsley felt the presence of all his Dubai loved ones united at Casa Hartley just for him. HE GLOWED AND KEPT ON UTTERING TO ANYONE LISTENING ‘THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!‘ He’d turn to Erroll or I and ask as if incredulous, ‘is this party for my fourth birthday?’ Its like it was all a dream.