09-08-16 Girls Out

Tuesday 9th August 2016

Its precisely 11:42pm and I am sat on the loo, Kingsley is still up, playing Lego Men (some made up manly game) with his dad; I can hear their cute make believe banter coming from our bedroom, something about Buzz Lightyear, John Deare and Thomas the Train. Erroll doesn’t even bother these days to attempt to put Kingsley down for sleep; he is certainly not making efforts tonight anyway. So I sit on the loo getting some alone time – precious minutes to myself, albeit doing my business – before the sleep routine starts (who am I kidding? All our ‘routine’ amounts to is getting into bed, lights off, laying down, boob out, suckling to sleep).

Tonight I got a few hours out at my local Japanese restaurant, Bento-ya, with dearest girlfriend Lena. Erroll and Mumma Dôra took over toddler duties. Over steaming bowls of miso soup, salty endame and a mouthfuls of raw salmon, we spoke nonstop about her new life in the corporate world. I was equal measures envious of her paid employment (and daily opportunities to dress up smartly) and nonchalant about it, still very much relishing rearing Kingsley on my own, no nanny required.

We kissed good night as darling friends do, Lena hopping into her car for the five minute drive to her place. Then I skipped all the way home, knowing this face would greet me at the door. And you know what? He did.

potty training day three

potty training day three