17-07-20 Elektra: Beanie

Friday 17th July 2020

A rare mumma-daughter afternoon shopping in windy Bondi Junction as Erroll takes Keanu and I keep this little lady with me, after their nap in the car.

A freezing day and even though we two are wearing layers our heads are at the mercy of the elements so into KMart we go and emerge 20 minutes later with new house slippers for mum and a couple of knitted beanies for us.

She steals my beret and snatches the pompom beanie drawing delighted hoots from the bus passengers on our way home.

At home all three kids and Erroll finally meet my best friend in year 7, Kylie Farrington. Mum is thrilled to see her after 35 years. That’s mind boggling! Kingsley behaves impeccably even asking Kylie to ‘come, see my room Miss Kylie’. The babies toddle behind them descending upon Kingsley’s carefully curated bedroom and start touching things.

They’re ushered out, Kingsley retreats to my room to watch Netflix and the babies become mesmerised by tall beautiful Kylie who swoops Elektra up and attempts to feed her. Keanu’s turn next onto Kylie’s lap but he wants to show her his “beep-beep” (cars!).