05-09-18 Heaven

Wednesday 5th September 2018

While Kingsley is at his third day of Νήπιο, μαμά και μπαμπάς hit a new beach club – our 7th in 7 days. Its our second day of alone time (yesterday our first in 6 months when we enjoyed Brisbane together alone!). This beach club is ‘Heaven’ just down from Agios Nichölaos. But first we visit its little church perched on the cliff…

While slothing on our daybeds sipping Nescafe Feddo / jumping in the ridiculously clear Aegean Miss Σοφία calls with the news Linus is feeling pain in his tummy. I could hear him on the other end agreeing with the school principal that his tummy hurts and ‘…I want to speak with mummà…’.

So the little man gets on the line, tells me his tummy aches and I suggest he go to the toilet, pull his pants down and make a poo. As big a poo as he wants. Poor Miss Σοφία had already suggested this but Kingsley wanted to hear my voice, she said.

In time Kingsley agreed to the plan, relayed the message to Miss Σοφία and trot off I assume to the loo. No phone calls came thereafter so I know the poo was the problem.

In the capable hands of his teachers now, so finally Erroll and I chill on our lounges safe in the knowledge that Kingsley is looked perfectly (and lovingly).