Kingsley: Ruth Pt 2

June 2017

After being away from Dubai for over eight months Kingsley’s memory of Ruth never left him when we returned to our familiar Financial Center neighbourhood in early June. Not once in the recent couple of years of us socializing with Ruth’s family have we walked past Rolex Tower and he not mention that ‘Ruth lives here’.

This June (and beyond) both Fran and I are making efforts to get these two together for play dates. Ruth’s holidayed recently in Japan and we’ve been, well, everywhere. But nothing is sweeter to experience than being in the presence of friends that ‘get’ each other and truly play beautifully together. Plus we as their Mummà’s actually get along.

On all the occasions Ruth has come over furing this spell the kids share a bubble bath. Its necessary since its sweltering outside and they turn grubby from playing at our local park. One evening we drop her off at home wearing Kingsley’s clothes (Cars Lightening McQueen singlet & Thomas the Train Y-front underwear). Fran wrote me that night saying how puzzled Ruth was pointing out to her mum that ‘Kingsley’s underwear has a hole in it.’ A little dismayed at myself for not noticing the threadbare state of my son’s undergarments I make light of it to Fran. Oh no, not those types of holes Alice. The hole in the front, where the penis goes to do wee. Ha ha ha! Laughs all round.

Needless to say Ruth is invited over every afternoon this week…