24-02-18 I’m Sorry Miss Camilla

Saturday 24th February 2018

Second Saturday in a row coming to the Dubai Garden Centre with its free kiddies activities all day luring us weary mums. Kate, Camilla and I bring the eldest four to jump on bouncy castles and get wet in the splash pad.

I feed them all Cobb bread & endless bananas. Kingsley likes to run the show with his friends but with Harrison around these two Alpha males give each other work – who is to lead; who is to follow. Kate is nonplussed about the frequent bashings (Kingsley’s sheer size basically bundles everyone over) as she observes very cute conversation between the boys. They get along, and like one another.

None of the kids wanted to leave the bouncy castle come 6pm. So I lured them into the flashy aquarium section with promises of new adventures; Camilla carted our bags inside; kids went nuts over the scores of Nemos swimming on tanks; Kate handed out organic strawberries and Kingsley hit Camilla on the elbow. With his fat little fist closed. I knew it would’ve hurt and Camilla reprimanded him…then I scolded him. And then showed how we demonstrate our affection to those we love (Kiss! Hug!!)

He was deeply remorseful. We spoke at length all the way home: we don’t hit others especially mums and other kids; we don’t kick people – only balls. Our conversation turned to his ‘special strength’ and that he should use it to show great love through harnessing it as much as he can – hugs (but not squeezing the breath out of friends), shaking hands, encouraging friendships, playing nicely etc.

It was HE who wanted to call Camilla when we got home, bathed, ate and relaxed. So after I dialled her number Kingsley spoke to her. ‘I’m sorry for hitting you Miss Camilla. I got excited. I didn’t mean it. I love you.’