18-10-17 Swimming

Wednesday 18th October 2017

You’ve been in and out of water all day today Kingsley. In fact this morning I didn’t even bother dressing you for the classroom; straight into the school bus wearing your trunks and (dreaded but very practical) Crocs, ready for swimming practice.

After school we jumped straight into the sea. In your smalls too! Then outdoor showered like a boss. Not even during summer was our coastal water as clear and refreshing as it is was this arvo. This dip opened up your appetite and you devoured bananas, apples, baguettes, sesame kouloūri, grapes all before hitting the playground for a new round of funsies with the community kiddies.

Young Giorgio is a top playmate of yours and you two chased each other tonight till your shorts fell down (your dad’s originals he wore 35 years ago so I’m guessing the waist is losing its elastic grip). His mum (who I see at soccer practice) likes to repeat each time we see one another how he came home one day from school with a big hole ripped in his pants, at the knee. Due to Dorötheos and Giorgio getting into a Greco-Roman wrestle during Mr. Vasīli’s ‘athletic hour’, she adds. Atta boy!

Promise to take you swimming on Friday after school again my little dolphin!