19-06-20 Twins: Randwick Library

Friday 19th June 2020

We begin our Friday with something I’ve been waiting for an entire week: an appetite for breakfast. Sure enough Keanu shares Kingsley’s eggs, Elektra shares Kingsley’s cheesy toast, they both gobble up pitted kalamata olives and feta from Epirus. Even γιαγιά’s chicken & veges mash gets cleaned up. Yay our babies are healing!

So to celebrate we drive to visit Marlen & Κώστα at the workshop and bring Frank a bag full of fresh stuffed toys. An instant hit is the plush tug boat. Elektra though has turned to being frightened of Frank lately; in fact all dogs spook her. Keanu likes his toes licked, on the other hand. And doesn’t say a peep while on Marlen’s arms.

By afternoon Erroll’s gone to get Kingsley for his Playdate with Lachie and we three are at Randwick Library ‘reading’. That is thrashing about together, sliding on the books, chucking them about, trying to get other kiddies’ attention and each at differing times, dropping their loads.

Keanu is walking up to 10 steps then likes to scramble about on all fours, oh how fast he crawls to the Egyptian Pharaoh books, one by one pulling them from their allocated Dewy Decimal System spot and onto the carpet.