12-04-18 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Thursday 12th April 2018

I wake to a love message from my hero wishing me beautiful things for today, our 10 year wedding anniversary. Such a magical day and night it was that we both still beam whenever we think back to our wedding extravaganza.

Not as glamorous today though. Off to the doctors to check my back and bung eye. Kingsley makes instant friends on the waiting area which has a dedicated kiddie section. Its not enough though; he wants a ride on the Wiggles Big Red Car and Iggle Piggle’s dreamboat as it rides through the night garden.

For lunch I leave Kingsley with JiaJia Dora and enjoy lunch with one of my oldest friends, Tiffany.

Here is our international correspondence…

Darling hi!

Today being Wednesday Linus & I spent the day with Yvette. She is tops! And guess what? She just got a job back at Sanofi. Thrilled to bits!!!

I am keen to get my resume in order now!!

Linus picked a frangipani flower for her today.

Tonight he got cranky with me for some reason then wanted to know when is Ba-Bāh coming? ‘I WANT BA-BĀH EVERY DAY NOT YOU ANY MORE!’

Poor love misses you!!! As do I. Not long to go till we spend ANZAC DAY together darling.

Love Wife x

I miss you both tremendously that’s for sure! I will be in Sydney before you know it.Please let me know how your back is doing once you see the doc today.Please give our son a big hug and kiss from his bah-bah.

Happy 10 year wedding anniversary my precious!I love and cherish you more than you know.Let me know via email when you are home so I can call.

Love Always,Your Man.xxxx