12-08-19 Keanu: 24 Hours

Monday 12th August 2019

Today is all about Keanu. We fall asleep together, we wake then cuddle in bed together, he coos and squeaks while I get him out of the sopping bedclothes he’s pissed all through. I give him boob then prepare his breakfast (bananas and yoghurt), hand over to daddy who magically knows how to hush him for naps.

Then its the Aliki and Keanu show. We are out from 2:40 when Kingsley takes his double jiu-jitsu classes, roam around Bondi Junction, feed the little man a Farmers Union yoghurt, cradle him as he falls asleep in the Ergobaby, catch the bus home then bedtime at 8pm with Kingsley.

Not a peep of dissatisfaction from TwinB! This guy enjoys adventure…