8th Month: Emirates Airlines

I was determined to travel. Full of energy and with a week’s religious holiday, Eid al-Adha, up my sleeve, I refused outright to stay in Dubai, and no amount of hand-wringing by my concerned mum was going to stop me from flying abroad. My only potential hitch? Garnering a fit-to-fly medical certificate from one of our doctors. You see, once this pregnancy entered its 29th week Emirates Airlines required a letter signed by an appropriately qualified doctor, stating:

  • the confirmation that Seahorse is indeed a singleton pregnancy
  • the pregnancy is progressing without complications
  • the estimated date of Seahorse’s delivery (being 5-8th December 2013)
  • the date up to which I am fit to travel
  • that I am in good health (bouncing off the walls, in fact)
  • that there is no reason known to them that would prevent me from flying
Joys of air flight at 32 weeks pregnant

Joys of air flight at 32 weeks pregnant: inflight entertainment

Emirates makes it clear that if I choose not to carry a medical certificate, I may not be accepted for travel if there is any doubt about my ability to complete the journey safely. And bound for Milano I was in every way ready, so on to see the good Dr. Jozse I trot two days before my scheduled flight, for a scan and that critical medical letter.

Milano Como 125a

Joys of air flight at 32 weeks pregnant: 4 seats blocked by Emirates, just for me, and a great read

Since there is only one Seahorse incubating in my belly, I may travel up till the 36th week of gestation. Heavy I truly am now, having put on 14 kilos on my slight frame, so when Emirates staff blocked four, yes four, seats just for me, in order to lay down when I wished during both flights to and from Milano, I thanked them graciously and settled in for comfort.

Seahorse kicked and bucked loads, however I rested, I slept, I read and watched shows then walked about and I ate special meals on board. Travelling at 32 weeks was a breeze!

Milano Como 126a

Joys of air flight at 32 weeks pregnant: constant walking up and down aisles


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