30-10-18 GTT

Tuesday 30th October 2018

Precisely 4 years ago Linus and I were swimming daily in Greece. Little man wasn’t walking but sure was boobing. Alot. I recall in those days as a 10 month old he was napping twice a day. Straight after breakfast he’d nap, then I’d feed him lunch upon waking and then we were out for the day. By the arvo he was passed out in the buggy after a long day of swimming.

Geez I had the energy then…

Now, I sleep almost standing up. Today I passed out, twice. Safely though: in the pathologist’s waiting room. The Glucose Tolerance Test for me is a narcotic; well, the glucose drink is. After an instant, initial high, the crash came. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and only roused to waking when the pathologist called me after the first hour then the second to draw my blood.

We are 24 weeks along today; bebĕs as big as cateloupes (or as big as my boobs 4 years ago).