Kingsley: Emirates Grand Hotel

Friday 2nd January 2015

Every morning and afternoon of each working day, Kingsley is strolled up and down the service road of Sheikh Zayed, past shop keepers and cafes, metro stations and hotel lobbies as part of his journey to nursery and back. For the past six months he has established a strong rapport with a couple of warm porters who have made it their ritual to stop us and smile, chat and of late, swoop Kingsley into their arms and rattle him about till the infant squeals with joy.

Oli, from the Emirates Grand Hotel, is quick-witted, good with people, and outgoing. He has the social skills to deal with (as you can imagine here in the Middle East) a variety of demanding people. And to Kingsley and I, Oli is the greatest. The infant looks forward to seeing Oli and once he does, grunts and hollers, points his little finger and agitates to be held by him.

Duties include opening the front door, moving luggage, valeting cars, calling cabs, transporting guests and giving directions. However to Kingsley, Oli the porter is our neighbourly friend and a smiling face that can be relied on every day to brighten ours…

Kingsley's mate from the Emirates Grand Hotel, Oli

Kingsley’s mate from the Emirates Grand Hotel, Oli

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