27-10-16 Living in Berg en Dahl

Thursday 27th October 2016

Friend for life, Katya, invited our family to stay at the forest home she shares with fiancé Roberto, his dog and three kids in the northern Holland’s village of Berg en Dahl three kilometers from Nijmegen. We spent a magical week surrounded by tall trees, falling leaves, mists and fog. For an Autumn getaway we were very lucky as the weather held out providing us with spectacular sunlight one day, deep mists the next yet never any rain or wind to mar our adventure.

Their home is spacious yet cost with a roaring fire in the living room, and tiles warming our feet in the bathrooms. We never experienced the cold when indoors, even with huge windows wide open. The Hartleys shared a bedroom on the second floor, their three kids another and the hosts the master. Floor to ceiling windows let so much light in and were dressed in the sheerest of curtains, a Dutch tradition of allowing access into people’s homes from street level.

Here is the experience we all had when indoors…

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