05-09-20 Twins: Pool Party

Saturday 5th September 2020

The babies finally fall asleep driving to Cassandra & Peter’s place, Elektra first of course the instant her bottle of milk is drained, Keanu much longer he takes to succumb to sleep. But mercifully for us all he does nod off and stays asleep in the car while we’re all inside ready to jump in the jacuzzi.

Elektra is all for it, wearing her tropical onesie wetsuit diving under water (well, pulled under by Elle) and splashing about with Kingsley. She’s hungry all of a sudden when she spots Cassandra bringing out the Greek κουλούρια. Kingsley too dives for one, a string of memories sparked from all those Summers he spent in Saronida after school eating κουλούρια fresh from the φούρνο.

Keanu’s as brazen as to dip his toes in the water, changes his mind, preferring the dry ground and toy box Cassandra brings out, and offers up his hand to hold hands with one of us, stroll, pet pups LuLu and Destiny and eat watermelon 🍉 triangles. Elektra spots the triangles and goes for them as well.

Highlights include Elektra floating on her back relaxed in the arms of Elle; Keanu’s Buddha belly, wearing Stripe swim shorts, asking for strawberries, devouring the tomahawk steak pieces I feed him; both babies loving on the pups.