10-05-17 On the Bus

Thursday 10th May 2017

The kid wakes exactly 12 hours after falling asleep. He’s got a hunger for pink apple then a banana and then hunks of bread with olives. Not into milk these days; he is thirsty for water. After all its getting hot these days and even our mornings are warm. Today Kingsley chose his outfit: dinosaur t-shirt & his dad’s original shorts. How crazy that what Kingsley wears to preschool today is what Erroll wore to preschool in California 36 years ago.

Here is an email I wrote to Erroll from Kingsley’s preschool…
“Have a great day at college, darling! Its 10am here at preschool. I hopped a ride with Mr. Mixăli and Miss. Xristīna and all the chirrens. This is his final few days at school. Miss Sophia told me just how well behaved, enthusiastic and team-oriented he has become. He’s gone from feral and almost unwanted to the model preschooler. Lets put him back into class again darling. This year. Miss Sophia has agreed to accept him again for the entire school loves him! Today I found out that Mr. Vasīli the PE Teacher has watched Kingsley go from absolutely wild and uncontrollable in his first gym class to now a willing, participating and thoughtful gymnast!