25-10-18 Coogee Public Kindy Orientation

Thursday 25th October 2018

Its Coogee Public Kindergarten Orientation Day number 1 today. After yesterday’s false start we head out at precisely 9am ready to ignite Linus’ passion for school again. Two years at Aepolis set the bar high. Coogee Public will take the little champ into another level of competence.

Once we reached the school gates the enthusiasm rose in both of us! All smiles and a quick step to enter, greeted by the Year 6 Peer Leaders, meet the school captain, smile and stop to talk with the Deputy School Principal, find his lanyard (read his name ‘Kingsley Hartley’!) then meet a new classmate on the steps as we wait to make our way into the kindy classrooms.

Who would have thought, Kingsley’s young bouncy kindy teacher is Greek! What happy coincidence! In he goes, off to play blocks when Miss P asks ‘Kingsley, what would you like to play with?’ I step away highly emotional and obliged to join the other parents in the school hall for the presentations. My stomach is heavy and uncomfortable. Much to my own horror I eat a pear during the School Principal’s speech.

Here is his fantastic morning on campus..