24-04-19 Kingsley: Tennis Camp

Wednesday 24th April 2019

8:45am till 3pm Kingsley is well occupied learning the basics of tennis. He enjoys it so much he’s agreed to a term of saturday mid mornings learning the sport. Cameron his (young) coach has about eight active five year olds to teach and keep in line. 6 hours of outdoors and today its hot.

The child draws attention of his camp mates ‘where’d you get the ice cream from?’ you see I surprised Linus with a tasty Bulla frozen yoghurt when I collected him. ‘Mummy brought it’ he proudly replies, licks his Bulla then gives me a hug.

The glorious afternoon is ahead of us sunny and fresh. The idea is to walk along the headland or even walk along the shore but his bums struck and we sought the clean amenities of the Coogee Pavilion.

The child plays table tennis with an 11 year old, stacked bricks with two good natured random boys,  run amok with 2 older disruptive boys and spotted Dawn’s twins Jeanie and Airlie. Half a tub of vanilla ice cream we leave the venue with a big scoop of which Kingsley eats all the way home.