13-10-16 Neighbourhood Camels

Thursday 13th October 2016

Constant friends Jodie and her youngest, Koa, come over to our side this morning for a long walk into the district of Zabeel in order to feed our Neighbourhood’s camels and lone donkey. When we arrived the creatures were already eating their hay, so not much interested in us. However the instant I brought out from the cooler bag fresh apples, cucumbers, bananas and whole grain bread, they sauntered over to us.

Kingsley the pro hand fed the donkey slices of apple; no flinching. I was so proud!!! Koa liked the idea of feeding the braying donkey but thought better of it once those fleshy lips approached his little hand, so Jodie was obliged to gingerly feed the animals with Koa in her arms as tthe child looked on with a mix of trepidation and wonder. Meanwhile Kingsley had vanished among the stalls greeting his beloved camels and telling them all in his perfect Greek that we will be returning with cookies…

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