09-01-20 Keanu: Cool like Mama

Thursday 9th January 2020

Its chaos in the morning with non-stop musical beds last night, three of us ending up in the same bed at 8am when we just had to get up for Linus’s tennis camp. Meanwhile Erroll and Keanu share a bed emerging after 8 for buttery toast in high chairs.

Fast forward to breakfast the babies have their first ‘Up & Go’ squeezie (which apparently contains 2 weet-bix) then baths which I’ve come to realise cm them down for nap time. While γιαγιά looks after a freshly washed Elektra I spend precious moments with our baby Viking on the trampoline.

Keanu is these days proficient at rolling and the forward crawl is his favourite. My favourite is still playing dress-ups this outfit care of Min’s son Aamrat.