03-06-18 Acrylic on Canvas

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

This masterpiece is brought to you by the imagination of Kingsley and some tricks from me.

For the past few mornings we’ve been enjoying working with acrylic on these cute canvases I bought from Jumbo at only €1.50 each. So once Kingsley wakes – usually after a solid 12 hours of sleep and because ‘I need wee, mummà…’ the clever thing to do is sit ourselves on the balcony and paint away.

Both of us fight for the bright colours and I am a tyrant over double-dipping brushes into more than one colour pot. Causes me to panic! The child is used to my wild neuroses by now.

At any rate a touch of neurosis from the mother’s side gives colour to our relationship and most certainly the child will embrace the wilds of womanhood in the future. As wild as his first acrylic on canvas…