21-07-20 Kingsley: Virus

Tuesday 21st July 2020

A first for this winter: today, first day of Term 3 back at CPS Linus comes down with a virus. At the school gate 3pm Erroll waiting in the Pick-up Zone a very delirious, exhausted uncomfortable Kingsley slinks into the car, tells Erroll immediately that he’s got a headache, throat hurts, and temperature is running warm to hot. Straight to Dr. Eliades they drive, letting me know as I am shopping with the little ones at Bondi.

Poor kiddo has a virus, can’t attend school tomorrow or Thursday, can’t join the Coogee Dolphins under 7’s for training tonight nor jiu-jitsu tomorrow. Its bed rest and fluids for our little man.

Once home from shopping tonight I witness something I have never seen before: Linus with his tracksuit down at his ankles, taking a piss in the bathroom but not in the loo or even in the shower recess. He’s pissing on the floor. Feet are in γιαγια’ς room, his trajectory making a perfect arc…and the splash goes everywhere. Kingsley is completely unaware what he’s doing. So I pull his trackie up, remove his sweater (the kid is actually perspiring mind you Γιαγιά has the gas heater on BLAST) and direct him back to bed.

24 hours ago at the zoo before the virus struck