15-04-20 Twins: Visiting Aunt Mika

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Today’s activities begin at a reasonable time of the morning, 7am. All three kids are awake and out of their beds just after 7. I can handle 7. I can’t handle 6. And so our day begins Erroll bringing Elektra in to Kingsley’s bed where Keanu is up and about chucking all the Ty dolls on the floor.

I feed the babies, they’re changed and daddy takes them for a long walk leaning Kingsley and I reading and playing board games. Of course Elektra passes out in the pram, Keanu wants to party. And party he does right through our Easter get together at Aunty Mika’s.

He’s squalling nowadays finding the top notes of his voice. He’s also able to stand upright, balance a bit, open the kitchen door finding the door handle and pushing it downwards, to freedom! As a diversion the little people get refillable squeezies filled with greek yoghurt.

While γιαγιά attempts to corral Keanu in the kitchen I dress Elektra in purple velvet care of Jenny So, and a French woollen cap care of Kassandra.