28-06-17 Satwa Park

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Hi friends! Today was nothing short of a miracle here in Dubai: only 39 degrees celcius. Taking advantage of this mild weather we walked around our neighborhood for an hour, played in Satwa Park & swum all arvo 🏊 Tomorrow’s a different story: forecast 46 degrees🌡. Back to summer again☉

By 2pm today we were at Satwa Park sweating it out and playing on the equipment.We of course were the only people around.

Kingsley took a leak by a tree with a pigeon watching him! At one point he asks to leave, to leave the sweltering park he pleads telling me, ‘…because droplets of sweat are falling, Mummà.’ I ask where they’re coming from. ‘From the sun.’ We leave instantly bound for the pool.

At Rolex Tower Kingsley swims with joy and confidence. I give him a Speedo kick board to use but he’s more interested in doing underwater manoeveres. We play his current favourite pool game ‘who’s the cat and who’s the fish?’ The cat and fish race each other mainly underwater. I’m so impressed/amazed by his progress that I get out of the pool to take photos but am quickly ushered back in to race some more.

By 5pm we’re home and my plans for a 7pm bedtime are on track (the kid is exhausted). For dinner he gets a glass of milk, a fried egg, a can of chickpeas and a Jazz apple. Teeth, loo then bed by 7pm his limp body is passed out, cradled in my arms as I sing the Greek rendition of Thömas tø Trenāki.

Kingsley hasn’t fallen asleep in my arms in such a long time I hardly remember it last. Watching his eyelids lower then close so peacefully was extremely moving for me. Even after three and a half years of bedsharing witnessing our angel rest in his secure love of us got me sentimental.