Kingsley: Luca & Mia

January 2018

Kingsley had his two Italian speaking Belgium friends over for the first time – Luca & Mia. Even though Luca is but two and clung to his mumma’s jeans at our door, Kingsley was beside himself to welcome him in. Luca freaked out at the newness of our colourful home and Kingsley understood the emotions his wee friend was exhibiting so tempted him in by show of the fuseball table and the Hungry Hippo game.

There was no holding Luca back at that point; in he came to Kingsley’s open-hand gestures of a good host. Soon they were both playing well: any and all toys Kingsley was super proud to showcase. The kids even cooked penne pasta and made hot chocolate on the hob. Fresh potato chips kept mouths open like bsby birds.

What Laura and I believed would be just a one hour play date ended up beibg three fun hours long. Firm friends made!