20-02-19 Kingsley: Mumma Duty

Wednesday 20th February 2019

A real treat for me this arvo: I get to collect Kingsley from Kindy. Rarely does this happen but with Erroll at work and with the help of JiaJia Dora at home minding the little ones (not to mention Julie Davis who just drove me to the school) I get to witness THIS…

How shameful! Late to Jiu-jitsu. First time ever being late and its my fault, dragging the child to Coles thinking we can fit a shop in before class. Poor child rushing in to class when Sensai had already demonstrated a move. I’ll never do that again. Neither Erroll nor Kingsley will let me!

In class Kingsley I notice has procured an admirer: Sensai’s youngest daughter! She too is in Kindy and a shameless flirt! She stole kisses and Kingsley, emboldened by his sweetheart’s devotion, kisses her back! While they’re supposed to be watching the combats!!