25-03-20 Kingsley: School in the Age of Covid-19

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Darling son we’re every morning making a decision on whether to send you to school or to home school you now that we’ve entered the Age of Covid-19. This morning we send you to Miss Sanzari who awaits you in the playground and ushers you and just two other classmates up to start your day. Only three of you today and 26 in total for the entire Year 1 at Coogee Public.

Its due to the virus, you answer me when I ask why only a few of you attending school. You’re nonchalant about it all and quite enjoying the dedicated attention your teacher is giving you.

In the afternoon daddy picks you up – a favourite moment for both of you! – and you’re off to just be together. I adore how much you covet time with your daddy. Then I feel some pangs and we swap: I get to put you to bed, read stories, write your words of the day and will you to sleep.