11-11-20 Kingsley: Nanii Together

Wednesday 11th November 2020

I promised you lastnnight that tonight I will do nanii with you and I keep my promise though it comes with a condition, that Keanu comes to bed with us. Surprisingly it works! The three of us read books, sing, be silly then pass out me of course the ham between the two pieces of bread. At least Kingsley’s bed is a king size.

This happy joy is preceded however by tears. And a smack on the bum. And mumma is mad! For tonight before bed and after refusing your dinner and requesting yet another cheese toastie you begin hurling books at the little animated peek-a-boo toy Keanu’s quietly enjoying. Hurling books at it to top it over. Well the final book you hurl before I lose my shit Keanu cops in the face and far too close to his eye. And of course he cries, and I lose my composure. And you get yelled at. Plus a smack on the bum. I’m so mad, Kingsley!

Threatening to leave you in your room, now you begin crying and in bed you’re bawling and weeping ‘I’m a bad boy! Boys are so bad. I don’t want to be bad!’. Now I’m so upset and all I want to do is cuddle but you want another mumma, and tell me so! I say lets erase all of tonight, and kiss you so much, avd ask we three hug (because Keanu is freaking out that big bro is crying).

So much for a lovely night cuddling to sleep.

But we finally do when I attempt to read Alice in Wonderland but you get bored, turn over and pass out. But not before I smother you with kisses, which you love. Goodnight my big boy x