23-03-20 Twins: Jeremy’s Football

Monday 23rd March 2020

We are entering uncharted territory: a plague is sweeping over the world, one originating from Wuhan China. A novel virus has emerged where is usually resides, in bats and snakes, to enter the human chain and cause destruction and death.

Today all kids in Australia go to school but from tomorrow parents can opt to keep kids at home. So while Kingsley enjoys the last time school life will be as it is for him, the twins and I walk for hours.

We walk to Randwick and bump into Marlen and Frank and as the infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists recommend, we’re keeping a social distance from one another. It’s to keep the damn novel Covid-19 from shedding from me onto another person.

We walk together to her plac, Frank receives the third knitted octopus and Keanu receives Jeremy’s old football from his school boys rugby days.

Elektra for once gets nothing as she usually gets all the attention.