28-12-18 Coogee Beach with Elle & Ara

Friday 28th December 2018

Its a scorcher today. Nothing to do but avoid the city and head into the surf. Cassandra, Pete and Kingsley’s ‘cousins’ Elle & Ara (well, they are Dutch-Greek just like him) come to Coogee for a body surf. Waves are 1-2 meters and the lifesavers on patrol.

At first he’s bashful but it only takes the girls to chase him in the surf then they’re bezzies once again. Last time (the first time) we all met up was last summer, in January. Then in April we had Cassandra & Pete’s wedding, fast forward to now. Even Erroll is with us, the magnificent byproduct of choosing late shifts. Today he must leave home at 2:30 for example. A full morning at the beach for both these Dutch-Greek families.