13-01-19 Plasticine

Ninii is obsessed/addicted to the Ipad. In order to get him off it this evening I literally yank it out of his hands and had to coax him outside to shoot hoops. All the while crocodile tears stream down his face and he bellows ‘I want to watch a movie!!!’.

He settled down soon enough. I figured a hug would help soothe him quicker than getting cranky with him. The hug worked. We play on the balcony, drive cars around, smash them together, chuck a bunch of old toys out, then settle in to play with plasticine.

After a full day at Maroubra beach bodysurfing with his daddy and fourth cousins Christy and Will, all the kid wanted to do was relax in front of the box. I let him a little too long (while Kara-Louise paid me a visit), and that’s my mistake. Giving the child access to bad shows so I can buy an hour or two for myself.

The only upside is that he is so delirious from surfing and his brain battery zapped from watching crap, that he passes out immediately in bed. Night my honey.