24-09-18 Last Day in Greece with Ba-Bāh

Monday 24th September 2018

A letter to my Oma…

Oma look!

I’ve been attached to my dad day and night for the past 26 days. Its a dream!

Here I am jumping out of the school bus into his arms.

And us chilling in front of the telly watching ‘Noddy’ after we are our late lunch at 3:30pm.

I excitedly told my folks what we learned today at school-about grapes, vineyards, crushing grapes, wine press and making wine. We learned that one of the earliest known Greek wine presses was discovered in Palekastro in Crete! Daddy lost it that I know this now. Mumma is so proud!!

I still so proudly wear my tops you give me: see?

Love Numero Uno