Kingsley: Play Pen

Saturday 6th September 2014

Our child is tomorrow 9 months of age and an expert crawler. He is fast on all fours and an enthusiastic athlete in the making. Climbing, pulling himself up, cruising the furniture are some of his daily pursuits, and I encourage his intrepid nature by cheering him on and bellowing “well done, NiNii!” and “good effort my boy” and “BRAVO!!”

But in order for me to actually enjoy my child and his exertions I feel as though I must be bathed and dressed and the only way to do this is to ensure the infant’s safety as I go about my ablutions. So into his living room cot I bundling Kingsley: into his own space filled with stuffed animals and whirling toys, balloons and musical instruments.

Here in his play pen, my baby is safe when pulling himself up to peer over the side…and I can enjoy a shower in peace.

Cot 003



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