08-02-20 Twins: Rainy Saturday

Saturday 8th February 2020

I think I’m digging myself a hole these days: in order to nap the babies I’m taking them out in one of the various buggies we’ve got. Which means I proud the pavement for hours on end. Today I’m out twice, once for morning nap then late evening for late nap. The upside is that mama is getting fit. The downside is that I never rest.

You two are an absolute delight everywhere we go, literally scores of people stop us to say hallo and meet you both. And one of my guilty pleasures is telling each passer-by who stops to chat that its your first birthday. At Randwick this afternoon a granny sang you ‘Happy Birthday’ mercifully you were between doses of ibuprofen so smiled sweetly!

Highlight of this rainy Saturday: watching the joy you both experience at experiencing the toy & game library at Randwick.