Kingsley: Bank Account

Just like his father and me before him, Kingsley is now the owner of a “Dollarmite” Bank Account! Back when we ourselves were under the wing of our parents, banks were visited, signatures were signed and bank accounts opened with a deep bow and show of respect to the ‘Bank Manager’, just for us; for our future, and in a bid for us to get to grapple with the importance of ‘saving’.

We both received a most grave discussion on the critical importance of investing for the future and hoarding what little cash we happened to come across, into the bank, be it from the proceeds of birthdays, or Christmas or for getting an A+ at school.

I am certain that Kingsley has zero idea let alone interest in the concept of saving for his future, but both Erroll and I do and with this in mind we opened his first bank account. In exchange for his first deposit (thank you Jiajia Dora for that generous sum) our son received a piggy bank – the platypus…

Platypus piggy bank

Platypus piggy bank

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